FAQ: Information

What is dagarvani.org and who supports it?

Dagarvani.org is a small set of volunteers. The volunteers change over time. They are mostly new and old dhrupad students themselves.

Dagarvani.org aims to provide web support for dhrupad, pacticularly for the Delhi branch of the Dagarvani tradition. This is primarily the Ustad Wasifuddin Dagar ensemble. As resources permit, we aim to create broader dhrupad content as well.

There is no formal organizational structure. For a variety of geographical and other reasons, it is hard for us to associate with new volunteers for content development, except for folks associated with past tours of the ensemble.

Support for concerts during tours is always welcome and very much appreciated. It is the easiest way to volunteer. Of course, dagarvani.org is also more active during these times and you can certainly expect a response to reader feedback during those times.

How can we help?

You can purchase music (available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, as well as on this site), exclude dagarvani.com, dagarvani.org from ad-filters, or visit an appropriate sponsor on this website.

Personal involvement is not currently easy. The best way is to associate with the group is to communicate during a tour or better still attend a concert and introduce yourself. We expect to re-enable communication fora (the group: dhrupad at google, and the discussion forum here) as our resources permit and use them to create a wider interest group.

How often is content updated?

Of late, not very frequently. But we have started regularly updating the calendar for concert events and hope to stay regular. If you have an event to post, please email us.

Dhrupad is a rich tradition, and there is quite a bit of content that needs publication. We do expect one or more updates a year. Dagarvani’s [youtube channel] now has some recent recordings. We aim to keep adding to it, and to the site over time.

What forms might future content take?

Dagarvani.org has kept its content – except for the streaming audio experiment a little while ago, and for the recordings page – quite simple for browser compatibility, and due to bandwidth limitations. Your suggestions for improvements are always welcome.

— editors, dagarvani.org