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Resources for dhrupad concert organizers

  1. A short description of dhrupad.
  2. Wasif's profile and a more detailed resume.
  3. Some images of Wasif ( 1, 2, 3, 4), the ensemble( 5, 6, 7), and Mohan Shyam Sharma ( 8, 9).
  4. A template for the concert brochure.
  5. New small ( letter) and large (11x17) templates for concert announcements.

Our Dhrupad Workshops

Dagarvani periodically organizes workshops in classical vocal music and Dhrupad with Ustad F Wasifuddin Dagar and percussion by Pandit Mohan Shyam Sharma (Pakhawaj). In addition, the musicians are available for one-on-one lessons, during concert tours for which arrangements can be made using the contacts below.


Whether your ambition is to sing Khayal, Dhrupad, Ragam-tanam, Bhajan or film music, proper voice training can help you sing notes exactly in tune and project your voice better. This four-day workshop will explore the learning of Indian Classical vocal training in the context of the Dhrupad style. With its accent on voice culture and the purity of notes and music, the Dhrupad style makes for a great introduction to Indian music as well as learning to sing. That is why Dhrupad is a popular training ground for Indian singers of all denominations. We invite you to come discover your singing potential.

The workshops are designed with both the beginner and the enthusiast in mind, and participants should be able to find their preferred mix of lecture-demonstration and participatory learning. The themes for the workshops are


Tuition: The workshops can be attended either as a course or as individual session. Fees for participation vary by location and participation.

Registration: Workshop size are restricted to small classes. Since seats are limited, for assured participation please reserve a space by sending email to dagarvani at dhrupad AT gmail DOT com.

Percussion workshop are offered in conjunction with the above if there is enough demand for it. This workshop demonstrates the use of time cycles in Dhrupad. The technique of playing Pakhawaj will be useful for Tabla players and percussionists. If you are interested, please write to dagarvani at dhrupad AT gmail DOT com

The teachers

Ustad F Wasifuddin Dagar

Born on 15 April 1969 at New Delhi, F.Wasifuddin Dagar represents the 20th successive generation of dhrupad singers in the Dagar family. He is the son of Ustad N. Faiyazuddin Dagar, the youngest of the well-known Dagar brothers, and the grandson of Ustads Nasiruddin Dagar and Hussainuddin Dagar. He has received Dagarvani dhrupad training from his father as well as other Dagar stalwarts of his fathers generation. Being his generations flagbearer of the Dagar family tradition, he is a popular and highly-regarded musician on the Hindustani music scene in India and elsewhere. His singing is noted for elaborate and subtle alaps, delicate voice modulations and powerful gamaks. Ustad Wasifuddin Dagar was honored by the President of India with the Padma Shri in 2010. For extensive biographical and bibliographical information, see his page.

Pandit Mohan Shyam Sharma

The leading pakhavaj master of his generation, Mohan has held the distinguished classification of an A-grade Artist of All India Radio since 1987. He has participated in a variety of prestigious local and national radio and television programs since that time. His accomplishments include a wide range of accompanying performances with the leading practitioners of vocal and instrumental music in the ancient Dhrupad style. He has appeared widely in performances in Europe, Great Britain, the former Soviet Union, Japan and throughout South Asia. His performances included three appearances with the legendary Ravi Shankar, including a major concert in New York City at Carnegie Hall.

For more information, please contact dagarvani at dhrupad AT gmail

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